Thanks for stopping by! First things first, if you're looking for polished and perfect you won't find that here. However, you will find honesty and transparency, because let's face it, the struggle is real! Life can be painful and messy, but this space is about finding joy on the journey and peace in the chaos! 

There are a few things you should know about me. After all, I hope that you and I are going to be friends and you deserve the truth! The truth is that even though I am a Pastor and a Pastor's wife, I am a mess! I struggle with fear and anxiety, my default emotion is anger, and I cry over everything. I love reality tv, I am a terrible cook, and I almost always forget to check my kids homework. There, I said it!  

However, you should also know that Jesus radically saved me just before I self-destructed. Growing up in a home filled with alcoholism and abuse caused me to turn to the things of this world to try to ease the pain. I found more. More pain. More abuse. More addiction. More trouble. Then I found Jesus. 

Jesus redeemed my story and healed the broken places inside my heart. For years I kept searching for perfection thinking that also must be part of the package - but it isn't. It's about trusting God every step of the way - and chasing after Him. It's about the journey - and I invite you to come and be a little part of mine!